gray kittenCost of home visit,  evaluation, and treatment plan;

Home visit, physical exam, and evaluation is $125 for scheduled appointments,

1 week in advance.

$175 when same week appointment is available.

$225 when same day appointment is available

Each Additional Pet that needs to be evaluated is $75

These are the areas we may provide services; 

          Doral, Tamiami, WestChester

          SweetWater, Hialeah, Miami Springs

          Coral Gables, Kendall, Pinecrest

          Cutler Bay, Palmetto Bay   

          Miami Lakes, Miami Gardens

Due to long traffic delays and no parking, we do not serve Miami Beach, Brickell, Winwood, Key Biscayne, North East Miami.

The majority of patients will complete their evaluation and treatments within 1 hour of arrival.

When multiple pets have to be evaluated we schedule a 2 to 3 hour visit.

Often the previous patient needs additional medical procedures, resulting in delays.

We always avoid going into extended time visits, to be one time for our next client.

Slow traffic or heavy rain will also cause delays. We will keep you updated on arrival time.

Please be patient, home visits usually run late. On a 2--4 window for arrival, often we arrive 3 to 4

For Dogs It is very important to have a well adjusted collar and leash before we arrive.

Cats have to be confined to a room where there is no furniture to hide. It may be the restroom for the visitors. 

*After 1 hour from arrival,  it is an Extended Visit.  The charge for extended visit is $125.

Cost of preventive parasite treatment and vaccines 


Dog    DHL4PPv general vaccinations  $60

(Includes; Distemper, Hepatitis, Lepto-4, ParaInfluenza, and Parvovirus)

Dog Rabies vaccination is  $60

Dog Bordetella vaccine is $60

Dog Lepto-4 vaccine  is $60

Dog preventive parasite treatment $30 - $70

Puppy home visit, parasite treatment, fecal test, and vaccines is $270

Cat   FVRCP general vaccinations are $60

(Includes: Rhinotracheitis, Calici-virus, PanLeukopenia)

Cat Rabies vaccination is  $60

Cat Feline Leukemia vaccine is $60

Cat preventive parasite treatment $30 - $60                                                                                                                              

Kitten home visit, parasite treatment, and vaccines is $270


We have the results for Heartworm and intestinal parasite tests the same day.  

We send to the lab other tests; CBC, Electrolytes, Blood Chemistries, Cytologies, Cultures, DNA markers.

Most results are ready in 24 hours. Some test results may take one week.


We have readily available; injectables, oral meds, eye drops, ear meds, and some shampoos.

Some medications may  be prescribed.