Dr Hector Roman is native from Puerto Rico, he has lived in Alabama, Ohio, and now Florida. As a student had special interest in mobile practice and nutrition. Worked in various federal programs under the USDA. Has been a board member of the Puerto Rico Veterinary Association. Owned a full service veterinary hospital 16 years. Directed an emergency group. Has worked at shelter and adoption centers. Is a member of various local, state, and national professional associations. Is a board member with the Miami Veterinary Foundation. He is a graduate of The Ohio State University and has been a veterinarian for over 25 years now.

House calls continues to be a favorite part of his work. These may be quiet demanding for the veterinarian and staff.  But for the most part is fun to share with people and their pets right in their habitat. It also provides the vet with helpful insight information about the pet's environment, which may affect diagnostic and treatment considerations.

On his free time he likes sailing and kayaking. When there is a chance, off road biking and camping. At home two dogs and seven cats keep him in a busy routine. 

Meet the Team

Dr Hector Roman

Veterinary Assistants

Beatriz--- Is a veterinary technician. Has two year of veterinary medicine education. She understands dogs like few people can. Loves to care and handle them. Excellent as well with feline patients.


Juanita--- Has been a veterinary assistant all her life. She has worked at some of Miami's best veterinary hospitals. She has great compassion for her patients as she is a true animal lover, having many pets, and rescuing many others. 



Juan Luis ---Is a veterinary technician with us. He has experience working at veterinary clinics. Helping to do evaluations, providing treatment, getting blood samples, and others duties. He is good working with frightened or agressive patients.